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18th January 2021

Website problems..

Well done to those of you who have successfully booked a vaccine appointment in response to our invitation text today – it really helps us avoid many hours on the phone. A lot of you have struggled however, and we understand that not everyone is comfortable and able to use on-line facilities. The link we sent requires you to have a Smartphone, (or be able to forward the link to someone with a smartphone who can do it for you).

You need to create a User Account on the Swiftqueue site and then you can book (the website will not know who you are without you telling it). Please note, you CANNOT use your login for prescriptions. Please don’t call the surgery as we cannot talk everyone through the process we are already busy, and if you don’t manage it we will be able to see who has not been able to book and get back to them in coming days.

15th January 2021


If you’ve had a Swiftqueue link forwarded to you by a well-meaning friend, (possibly a healthcare worker), who has told you to use it to book in to get your vaccine ahead of others, (and you are NOT a frontline health or social care worker), then you should do two things:


If you have already booked an appointment but are not in the current high risk group please cancel it so it can be used. The link sent to you may well work – we do send them out to high risk groups who are due their vaccine but they can get passed on by those with poor standards or no conscience. Links will expire after a very short time so don’t save them.

Due to the bad weather yesterday we sent out a link to a close group of frontline workers last night for some free slots in the clinic today. Someone leaked it and we have had over 20 non-frontline workers, some who have driven for hours to get here, who have all been stopped at the door and turned away. We feel sorry for them. They were generally apologetic, and very upset with those who had sent the link to them.

The result however, is that 20 high risk people who could have been vaccinated have not been, and our programme (affecting EVERYONE further down the list) has been delayed.


15th January 2021

Covid Vaccine Appointments

Whilst we are hosting the vaccination roll-out locally, as a practice we are not the organisation responsible for the clinic appointments and are unable to help with phone enquiries for these. Please don’t call the practice about these, we are very busy with our usual winter caseload and need patients to be able to get through. We are still hoping for a call centre facility but this will only be for queries about existing appointments. The vaccine organising team collaborate with all the Dronfield and Chesterfield practices and do know who is next on the list to call.

We are busy offering vaccinations to Healthcare workers and the remaining over 80’s of adjacent practices in the Chesterfield area and hope very soon to offer appts to our over 75’s. We have your details and will contact you.

Should you receive a letter inviting you to attend a Mass Vaccination Centre we would suggest you await our invitation, as with the main Central Chesterfield vaccination site (at The Winding Wheel Theatre) open now, we expect to be able to push on through the priority groups with some speed, and deliver your vaccine to you here.

3rd December 2020

Learning Disability Service

For several years we have offered an Annual Health Check/Review to all of our patients over 14 who suffer from a Learning Disability. This includes conditions such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Downs Syndrome, amongst many others. We believe, with the knowledge we have of our patients, that everyone with a disability of this nature is identified on our database but we need to make sure we are not overlooking anyone. To this end we will soon be messaging everyone with a registered mobile number to request details of anyone within the household who may be eligible for such a review.

3rd December 2020

Stubley to be Covid Vaccination site

Our Medical Centre has been selected to be Dronfield’s Covid-19 vaccination centre.

Vaccination teams will likely comprise staff from multiple practices as well as our own, working in collaboration with associated professionals such as our in-house pharmacists to deliver the vaccine to the eligible population in Dronfield and possibly North Chesterfield.

21st November 2020

Flu Jabs for age 50-64

You may have heard in the media yesterday, that those age 50-64 will be able to receive a flu vaccine from 1/12/20. General practices are learning this information at the same time as you. We are doing all we can to prepare and source vaccines, and we will be in contact with patients as soon as we are able. In the meantime please do not contact us about flu vaccines if you are in this group until you are asked to do so.
It is disappointing the the Dept of Health (DHSC) now appear to use the media as their main method of communicating such important information with general practice. The only other update we have received is that they will be updating the guidance on accessing their Vaccine stocks but there is no indication yet, when that update might be shared with us!

12th May 2020


The Practice is becoming busier again, with the main challenge being to attend to our patients conditions remotely wherever possible and safely where we do need you to attend the surgery.

We see patients for current (‘acute’) conditions, for which you should contact us in the normal way, and for the preventative management of long standing/ongoing  (‘chronic’) conditions – to minimise their effect now and in the future.

 (Heart/Lung disease, diabetes, blood pressure , kidney failure etc for example)

Our threshold for the routine review of these chronic conditions has gone up – many of our patients with stable long term conditions may be excused some blood tests or physical checks if that condition has been shown to be under good control over the past few years.   

We are remotely scrutinising records to identify those who do need to be seen and those who can safely be deferred.    The way in which we practice has changed, and will change further.

Those patients who are shielding can be seen at the surgery but we will try to see you in a way that avoids you having to wait in the waiting room – we will discuss this with you at the time of booking your appointment.

We are STILL doing vaccinations and screening tests, such as cervical smears.

If you have symptoms that may be due to Coronavirus you should still call 111 for their triage and advice.

20th April 2020

Medicines Order Line is very busy

The administrative assistants who help us with on-line repeat medication orders are currently struggling to manage the demand. (20th April) If you can’t get through please feel free to call the Practice.

1st March 2020


Please click HERE for up to date local and national guidance.

28th November 2019

We’re back on-line

5pm Thursday. The phone system has just been re-connected and normal service is resumed.

There is still quite a bit of catchup admin work outstanding and we are expecting a lot of prescription requests that might have been delayed during the down-time so we will be busy on Friday. If you have an appointment however, please come as planned. I’d like to thank Julie our Manager for orchestrating our response; our brilliant nurses and admin team for working effectively and efficiently without notes, and Dr Paling, who was our mobile Doctor today working at multiple sites seeing patients and generally holding the fort.

Dr Davidson