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1st March 2018

Car Park and Pharmacy Open

11.45 am

Many many thanks to Gary Fletcher Surfacing for clearing our car park this morning ahead of the scheduled clearance.

Stubley Drive remains difficult without a 4×4, but the Centre and Pharmacy are open.


1st March 2018

S’no trouble – but Pharmacy closed

Welcome to March – is it Spring yet?

The Medical Centre is running a full service today – all staff are here although home visiting options are a little more limited.

However, staff at the Pharmacy have so far not been able to get in (9am) , with no prospect likely this morning we are told.

If you were planning on visiting them or collecting a prescription please call first.

If you’re attending the surgery it’s probably best to avoid the car park – although it was cleared last night it’s covered over again this morning and without a 4×4 you will struggle.

Phone consultations where appropriate may be order of the day.



11th February 2018

New Derbyshire Self Care Policy

The Derbyshire CCGs have agreed that over the counter items for minor, self-limiting short term conditions should not be prescribed, but instead purchased by patients directly from the pharmacy.

In keeping with this decision, (see link here), we will be respectfully declining requests for such items to be on prescription.

We will no longer be prescribing gluten free food items for those patients with coeliac disease.

22nd January 2018

Welcome to a New Neighbour

We are delighted to welcome ‘PureChiro’ to the Medical Centre site.

Luke Turner and his team open their doors for business today and we wish them well.

For those with long standing or difficult musculoskeletal pain, especially back pain, chiropractic may offer some relief and although a private service some Insurance schemes, including Westfield may cover the cost of treatments.

Luke grew up in Dronfield, just across the road from the Surgery and having worked in a large practice for a number of years is excited to be starting up on his own.

His website can be visited here.

18th January 2018

Have you had your spleen out? – Make sure it’s on your record if so

We are currently trying to update our records and ensure that all patients who have had their spleen out in the past are appropriately flagged on our computer system.

The operation is not always coded accurately on computer systems, and may have taken place before computerised records began or whilst at another practice.

Patients who have had a splenectomy benefit from extra vaccines and we’d like to make sure we offer these appropriately, if in doubt please let us know.

18th January 2018

New Appointments System

To try and get patients into an appointment slot that is appropriate for their request, every call for a doctors appointment will now be screened by the doctors themselves. Some details will first be requested by the receptionist.

The Dr taking the request may call you back to get more information and will then offer you a suitable appointment; or may offer advice or suggest another health professional who may be more appropriate.

For example, it is now possible to self refer to the Community Physiotherapist, who would be more appropriate for many musculo-skeletal conditions.

The System has been running for 2 months and is significantly improving speed of access to the doctors for those conditions that most require their expertise.

18th January 2018

Paper-free Prescriptions

It is our aim over the coming months to try and cut out paper prescriptions and send your prescriptions electronically to the Pharmacy of your choice.

There are many benefits from doing this for us.

Most of our prescriptions are now electronic, but if your preference has not already been noted, we will be asking you to nominate your chosen Pharmacy.