Private Fees

Stubley Medical Centre – Private Fees – 2017

Non-NHS services at the Practice are chargeable, and are in keeping with national tarifs. There has been no increase in the fees in 2017.


Short Private sicknote
Private Prescription (including any medication required for use abroad)
Short statement of fact
For example:

  • Certificate of existance
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Comfirmation of condition
  • Confirmation of prescribed medication
Short statement of opinion
For example:

  • Fitness to exercise
  • Fitness to travel
  • Unfit to attend school/exam
Insurance certificatesFor example:

  • Holiday cencellation certificate (£30)
HGV/PSV Examination and report
OFSTED Childminder form
Passport certification
Copies of reports for patients under health records act

Insurance Companies

Medical attendance report
Targetted reportFor example:

  • Cancer questionnaire


Medical report without examination with opinion
(20-45 mins)

All fees payable to ‘Stubley Medical Centre’.