Quick Info: If you suspect you have symptoms due to Coronavirus do not contact or visit the Surgery, Pharmacy or Hospital. Use the 111 interactive website and call them if that’s what it advises you to do. This website is HERE

For the latest Coronavirus Government advice click HERE

Shielded Patients Update 20th April

The Government has asked GPs to help them identify the most vulnerable patients on our list who ought to be more vigilant with regards to isolation to avoid Coronavirus.

They estimate that this is approximately 1.5 Million people across the country, which is about 2.5% of the population.    With a practice list of 5,000 we should therefore have approximately 125 patients in this category.

The Government did an initial search for us which came to just under 100 patients, and wrote to them directly.   This included transplant patients who need anti-rejection drugs; those with blood cancers or severe immune deficiencies, those with advanced cancer and those on chemotherapy, and a number of other conditions.

They then asked hospitals if their consultant teams could identify a further group, and write to them directly.

They have asked us to look through our patient records and identify patients we think ought to be shielded, and write to them..

and finally..

They have invited individuals to register on their website if they think they should be shielded, and asked us to judge that group.

This has been problematic.  There seems to be no nationally agreed formula for exactly which groups should be on the list and it is open to a degree of interpretation. 

I have performed many data searches on our practice computer system, looking for those with more severe lung disease; uncontrolled diabetes, heart failure, kidney failure, obesity, old age and frailty, or a combination of these.

I also looked through our list of annual flu jab patients too (nearly 1,500).

I eventually came up with a list of approximately 250 patients who I think should be on the list,   

ie one in every 20 patients.   This is double the Government indicator,  but we do have an elderly list with a lot of chronic conditions.  

(Age is a factor, but there are over 100 over-85 year olds who are NOT on the list.)

The list is not perfect and there may be some who feel they should be on it, and some who feel they shouldn’t.  It will evolve to an extent over coming weeks. 

The final letters from us will be sent out by Tuesday 21st April, but we still don’t have the Government list of those who have self-registered. We will get that this week and inform those patients by next Monday.

I am happy to review individual cases and apologise if some of you wanted the classification earlier.   If you do have a concern it would be helpful if you emailed the practice (the email is on the Home page of the website) and I will email back at my earliest opportunity.

Best wishes and Keep Well.

Dr Davidson


If you are struggling at home and need some social support please try the Call Derbyshire Service Tel 01629 533190

You don’t need a sick note to self isolate.

Please don’t contact us for absence/sick notes if self isolating, please use the web form HERE

Practice Update 23rd March 2020

Things are starting to get busy at the surgery, especially with reception answering lots of calls with general advice questions – please research the NHS pages first before calling us. Click  HERE

We ourselves have a doctor self isolating and a local practice is partially closed so please do your best to research your concern before calling us.

The ‘NHS Conditions’ website has a lot of very practical advice regarding many conditons and is a good first port-of-call. Click HERE

We have now locked the Surgery front doors to reduce footfall yet further and keep out those who don’t need to come inside.  If you have an appointment you can use the intercom to the left of the front glass doors to be let in on arrival.

Have you ever had your spleen removed?

This may make you more vulnerable to Coronavirus.   We are now once again calling for anyone who has had their spleen removed  (‘splenectomy’) to contact us so we can confirm this is recorded on our Computer system and that you have had protective vaccinations in the past.  We think our database is accurate but there is always the chance that when the old fashioned paper records transferred to computer records, this fact may have been overlooked and we want to be sure.

Practice Update 13th March 2020

Coronavirus is now being caught within the Country by and from infected hosts who have not been abroad. If you have a new onset Fever ( Temp > 37.8 degC ) , with any of the following symptoms: persistent cough (with or without sputum); hoarseness, nasal discharge or congestion, shortness of breath, sore throat, wheezing, sneezing) , then it is to be managed on the assumption is that you have it unless proven otherwise.

You should isolate yourself for 7 days and manage your symptoms in accordance with the Government Guidance HERE

You should call 111 if your symptoms worsen – or preferably, initially use the Web portal HERE


We believe we are in the calm before the storm. It is essential that we maintain the Medical Centre as long as possible as a virus-free zone where we can work safely from and attend to those most in need of medical attention. We continue to manage all our sick patients without Coronavirus. To that end, from today we are making a number of changes to our Standard Operating Procedures.

  1. We aim to reduce footfall in the surgery to a minimum. ONLY come if you have a pre-arranged appointment. Use the phone for any queries, don’t just turn up. The reception desk may be unmanned, as our staff are being distributed around the building when possible and some will be working from home. If you call for attention using the buzzer or sign in using the touchscreen, then use the Handwashing Station (The disabled toilet) afterwards. All surfaces are regularly sanitised throughout the day but our supplies of hand sanitiser are already dwindling.
  2. Collect ALL prescriptions directly from the Pharmacy, we will send them electronically or deliver them across ourselves if they have to be on a paper prescription.
  3. DO NOT try to make routine appointments for blood tests, BP checks etc. New routine appointments such as these are being suspended. We will initially aim to see those already booked but if you feel you can postpone an appointment, please do so, or ask if you are unsure. Email us if you can (as it will keep the phones open for clinical concerns) at the address here and we will cancel for you. We will continue to offer appointments with the GPs for ailments, both for same day and less urgent conditions but whenever possible we will try and do these over the phone. NB Cervical Screening and Vaccinations are important and are NOT affected by this and will carry on. If you have a routine follow up appointment with the GP that could be done over the phone please let us know.
  4. Sick Notes and Certificates. A sick note is not needed for home isolation. A scanned copy of any necessary sick notes will be emailed to you if possible rather than collected. Self Certification Forms should be used for the first week of any absence – you can do this on-line HERE
  5. Please don’t Stockpile your medicines – this causes enormous problems for other patients, and the pharmacy. We will refuse to future issue medicines earlier than needed. We do not issue paracetamol on prescription for colds/flu/Corona.

Practice Update    1st March 2020

It might only be a matter of days before Coronavirus becomes contractable from sources not related to the current High Risk Areas.   (See below)

At this point it becomes essential that, as lower risk areas such as ours become inherently higher risk, we act to reduce the risk of person to person transmission and start to consider those with fever and respiratory symptoms as possibly suffering the infection.

In an attempt to be proactive and not reactive, as from tomorrow, 2nd March, the Surgery will be implementing a number of protocols and procedures which are intended to reduce the chance of the Surgery being a vector for Coronavirus spread, in order to mitigate risk and protect both patients and staff over the coming weeks.

These include actions to limit the risk when patients are in the Surgery:

  1. An enhanced cleaning regime within the Practice, including additional daytime cleaning of Waiting Room ‘touch’ areas (eg touch screen, door handles) and regular additional surface cleaning within clinical areas.  Also decluttering to include removal of leaflets, magazines and toys and other handleable items.
  2. Provision of additional hand sanitiser points in the Waiting Room and en route to Clinical Rooms in addition to the Check-In Screen sanitiser.
  3. Creation of a patient isolation ‘pod’ area in case of a High Risk individual being identified within the Surgery.

.. and some to limit the exposure of the Surgery to the risk of infected patients coming in:

Enhancement to the Triage System we use to screen for potential symptomatic Coronavirus Patients to ensure these are signposted to 111 for further triage and do not come to the Surgery.

Temporary lock on the iPlato ‘myGP’ app to suspend self booking of appointments – these only to be made through Reception to allow screening of all appointment requests.

Request to patients to CANCEL any non-urgent Appointments (eg  for routine blood tests; BP check, smears, medication reviews or NHS Healthchecks) if they have fever or recent onset flu/respiratory symptoms.

Limit where possible the time spent in face-to-face Consultation – no double appointments except when essential, and more consultations where possible (eg Mental Health reviews) arranged to be done over the phone.  Patients politely asked to limit themselves to one issue per consultation.

Maintenance of this dedicated webpage on the website to update patients of changes to our services when they happen – with a SMS alert when significant. 

Practice Update 26th February 2020

The Government has extended the high risk areas for Coronavirus.

You should self isolate and not attend the Surgery, the pharmacy or Hospital if in the last 14 days you have been to:

Hubei province in China ,Iran, Lockdown Areas in Northern Italy (CATEGORY 1 AREAS) EVEN WITHOUT ANY SYMPTOMS


You should self isolate and not attend the Surgery, the pharmacy or Hospital if in the last 14 days you have been to:

Other parts of mainland China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand  (CATEGORY 2 AREAS)WITH EVEN MILD SYMPTOMS    (cough, temperature or shortness of breath)


You should self isolate and not attend the Surgery, the pharmacy or Hospital if, since 19th February, you have returned from:

Other parts of northern Italy (anywhere north of Pisa, Florence and Rimini), Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam  (CATEGORY 2 AREAS)WITH EVEN MILD SYMPTOMS    (cough, temperature or shortness of breath)