Exemption Certificates for wearing Face Masks in public.

22nd July 2020

Face masks may sometimes aggravate certain skin conditions and some patients who suffer anxiety may feel a sense of claustrophobia when wearing a mask which may reignite their anxiety.

Loose fitting masks should not compromise a patient with asthma or COPD from maintaining their oxygenation, but some do feel a restriction nevertheless to inhalation that is uncomfortable and can cause a sense of difficulty with their breathing.

We can offer a certificate to our patients who have a pre-existing condition that exempts them from wearing a face mask in public.

The certificate would state that in our opinion wearing a face mask would be injurious to a pre-existing condition. The condition would not be specified.

This is not a statutory certificate and it would be charged as a ‘statement of opinion’ Currently £40 – please see:

In offering this certificate it is our assumption that the patient requesting it accepts that NOT wearing a mask in public may increase their chance of contracting Covid-19.

Dr Davidson