Our Performance

As of September 2019 the practice list size was:  5035  patients

We monitor our performance constantly, but are also subject to continual assessment by a number of outside agencies.

The CCG monitors our contractual performance, services, referrals and prescribing.

NHS England monitor our management of Chronic Diseases through the ‘Quality and Outcomes Framework’ (QOF. –  here)

Public Health England monitor us in many ways, including our cancer prevalence and diagnosis figures here

The Care Quality Commission assess all healthcare providers regularly

and their latest assessment of our practice can be found here

 GP Earnings

The Government have obliged GPs to disclose their earnings.
Our Practice has 1 Full Time and 2 Part Time GPs
Their average earning, pre tax, pre-pension contributions
and before National Insurance in the year to:  March 2018   was £46,354