We offer a full complement of personal and family healthcare services:

Consultation and On-site diagnostics:

  • Blood analysis, ECG, Spirometry, Family Planning and Antenatal Care
  • Minor Surgery within NHS guidelines for our own patients and a private cryotherapy service (for non-registered patients as we are not allowed to ask for a contribution to the equipment costs and clinical time.  Our patients can be seen for this service at another local practice.)
  • Full Vaccination programme for children and a comprehensive Travel Service

Appointment Guidance:

You can book ahead. Use your diary and do so for routine check-ups .

The Practice Nurse is the best person to see first for ‘annual’ reviews of regular medication or conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma.

GP Appointments

We now use a triage system to assess and then allocate appointments when appropriate . please see details of the triage system here.

Routine appointments with the Dr are 10 minutes. This allows just enough time to listen to you about an issue; question, examine, discuss, prescribe and keep good notes.

More than one issue, and we’re struggling. Please consider this.

Home Visits:

Home visits requests are accepted for those patients whose condition prevents them from leaving their house.