4th February 2021

At Stubley Medical Centre we are justifiably proud of our performance since the start of the Vaccination Campaign.  

Working as part of the Chesterfield & Dronfield Primary Care Network we have contributed hugely to a successful rollout of vaccine across our wider area, with nearly 40,000 vaccines administered.

We have also managed, not only ZERO net wastage of vaccine, but by careful use of the vaccine product in accordance with approved guidelines, we have managed to vaccinate more than 5000 more people than for whom the vaccine quantity supplied to us was originally intended.

It is probable that a number of extra lives therefore may have been saved by our rapid response to the callup, and our efficiency.

The national target for the top priority groups of patients has been set to be achieved by 15th February.

As of 4th February, at Stubley Medical Centre we have vaccinated:

100% of our over 80’s

92.2% of all those in their 70’s

89.8% of Shielding patients (of all ages)

79.6% of Shielding patients (under 70yrs)

100% of Care Home patients  (we achieved this 5 weeks ago, and are vaccinating new residents on an ongoing basis.)

100% of Housebound patients

At the end of every busy vaccination clinic, as is the case elsewhere, it is often the case that we have a small number of vaccines drawn up that we are very reluctant to throw away.   

(To date we have not thrown a single dose away at our site.)

We have a list of possible recipients ready to call.  This is a wide range of patients, starting with the existing target groups and listed in clinical priority.

A further group are at increased risk but  may not fall into the current target groups, they are there because they have made reasoned representations to us to be considered as reserves. 

This final group of patients are a last resort before the vaccine would have to be thrown away, and they need to be able to respond instantly if called.

Within this final group of grateful recipients are, we believe a small number of employees from Chesterfield Football Club, with whom we have been working on plans for a convenient Drive-Through Vaccination service at the Technique Stadium.  We were asked if the possible recipients, (who had existing conditions with Consultant Letters requesting their vaccination) could go on our reserve list.  One, who lived close to the surgery, attended without such correspondence at the very end a vaccine clinic and a decision was taken to use the vaccine rather than throw it away.  We stand by this decision.

Throughout the vaccination campaign, our Practice Manager has masterminded the administration of the clinics which has been complex and arduous, volunteering her time working 7 days a week since the middle of December, and this being in addition to running our very busy practice in the middle of a Winter Pandemic.

As a direct result of an inconsequential story being reported, she has been the subject of some inappropriate abuse.

To be victim of personal threats despite doing such an amazing job should bring shame on the perpetrators and on those elements of the media who seem ready to ignore the big success stories and instead focus on any ill researched gossip they can find, for the sake of petty mud-slinging. 

We are currently already working on the challenging project of arranging patients second doses (due to start in a months time) and it is our request that we are spared these unpleasant and petty distractions and allowed to get on with it.