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10th May 2021

Back to Business as Usual, with changes

Throughout the pandemic, we have never stopped seeing patients who need to be examined but we have done what we can to minimise footfall through the practice, with a greater emphasis on remote working and electronic communications.

Now that all of our at-risk patients are protected with both doses of the highly effective vaccines and the incidence of Covid-19 infection is as low as it has ever been we are back open for “business as usual”.  Our Face-to-Face GP surgeries have been fully booked for several weeks.

We will continue to use the ‘triage’ system of assessment for all GP appointments as we have done for 5 or 6 years and only offer appointments when we know it is appropriate. We will continue to offer telephone and electronic responses for non-examination and administrative consultations.

Since February-March we have been as busy as ever, with enormous demand on GP time and we would ask you to consider this before you contact us.

Many of the requests are for ailments that can be managed by reference to the NHS Conditions website  or by asking the Community Pharmacist.

Musculo-skeletal conditions are not our speciality and are usually best managed by rest and with Self-referral Physio assessment when they don’t settle.

For medication queries we now have the support of our Senior Pharmacist: Guillermo Sierra who is also performing comprehensive medication reviews on those patients with complex medication needs, as well as performing asthma reviews and assessment of those who self monitor their blood pressures .  If you are being treated for high blood pressure we would recommend you having a home BP monitor to avail yourself of this.

4th February 2021

Press Release

As a result of media reports today a press release can be viewed here