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CYBER ATTACK UPDATE: We're finally back up and running...Wednesday 17th May 8.00am

We were connected late yesterday afternoon and the admin team came in early this morning to process all the hundreds

of outstanding prescription items and urgent/cancer target referrals, and we're going through the process of logging

all the paper consultations since Friday.

We will be running extended surgery time today to try and catchup with as many delayed consultations as possible. Please bear with us.

CYBER ATTACK UPDATE: Tuesday 16th May 2017 8.20am

We are still awaiting connection. We are informed by our IT Dept that this will take place today.

However, it is a lengthy process and I dont expect we'll be back to normal before tomorrow.

If you need emergency supplies of your usual medication you can approach your usual pharmacy.

- I will post a message here when we are back on line.

Dr Davidson

CYBER ATTACK UPDATE: Monday 15th May 2017 4.30pm

We are still awaiting connection. We are hoping this will be tonight or tomorrow

- I will post a message here when we are back on line.

Dr Davidson

CYBER ATTACK UPDATE: Monday 15th May 2017

The Surgery System came back on line yesterday afternoon and I tested it yesterday evening and it was functioning normally.

HOWEVER We have just this morning at around 8.35am been told by the Health Authority to shut it down for them to check.

We are therefore running a paper system today, with no access to your details which is making mattters very difficult.

If you can avoid contacting the surgery today it would be appreciated, and please cancel any appointment today for non urgent mattters by phoning reception.

All prescription requests can be left on the answerphone but may take a day or two extra to process.

As a result of the shutdown today, we have no access to:

1. The appointment system - so we cant make an appointment for you.

2. Your contact details, except historic landlines from the old paper records, so calling you is compromised.

3. Your prescription list - we can't advise or generate a repeat prescription other than to issue an emergency supply.

4. Any Lab Test results, hospital letters or past medical history, so advice on non urgent matters is not possible.

5. All of our previous consultation notes for you.

We are running a paper system to organise call backs and appointments for those who call in poorly today.

We are open and available to see those who are ill. Please phone rather than attending.

Dr Davidson


On Friday afternoon our practice computer system suddenly froze following

the international ransomware cyber-attack.

As of 6.30am, Saturday 13th May our system is still down. We have no access to any electronic patient records.

The main issue this morning is the 100s of prescriptions which were on the computer system

awaiting electronic signature and these will still not have reached the local pharmacies.

Nearly all of these were repeat prescriptions and not needed urgently.

If you are short of key medication for the weekend then a short supply could be made available by

your usual pharmacist to tide you over the weekend, (subject to the nature of the medication).

I will be checking throughout the weekend, but if we are not reconnected then Monday will be... an interesting day!

If you need to contact us on Monday then it would help if you came back to the website before

calling to check our status, as, if we are still not connected, we will be running a paper

based management system which will affect the way we handle your call.

The 111 service is still available all weekend for issues that cannot wait until Monday, although please do consider whether

contacting them is necessary as the whole system is severely stretched at present.

Dr Davidson

Easter 2017

The Practice will be closed on Good Friday, April 14th and Easter Monday, April 17th.


A Happy & healthy New Year to all of our patients. 2017 has started intensely: our phones have been ringing non-stop, predominently an increase as a result of the winter viruses currently active in the community.

We are now seeing some cases of seasonal Influenza - it's horrid for those who catch it. If you are in one of the high risk groups (see the Flu Advert below), and you HAVEN'T had your jab, call us now to arrange it, it's not too late.

The common cold is prevalent at the moment and it seems to be a nastier version than usual, with a hacking cough (which is often lasting many weeks) affecting many.

Although we see it so frequently, the cough associated with the common cold is one of the most difficult conditons to treat.

We all have a cough reflex. If we took a deep breath in a smokey or dusty room, we'd probably cough, as particles in the air touch the lining of the windpipe (trachea) on the way into our lungs.

The trachea is lined with tiny little hair cells - if these are touched by anything, a signal is sent instantly to the diaphragm muscle to contract (cough) and eject the dust or smoke before it gets to the finer pipes of the lungs.

When a virus causes the lining of the trachea to become inflamed, the hair cells think they're being tickled all the time and we cough, and cough, and cough, until the inflammation eventually eases in time.

A cough suppressant, such as Pholcodine, is available over the counter at the Pharmacy and may help, (a bit). There's evidence that a couple of spoons of honey at bedtime can ease a cough and can help sleep.

Even in the 21st Century, there really aren't many other prescribable options for stopping what is a very important protective reflex, and we usually can't add much to what you can get from your Pharmacist.

Some coughs do need more attention, especially those which are associated with shortness of breath, or the production of blood in the sputum. A cough that is not associated with a cold or flu bug, which has persisted over 3 weeks should be notified to us.

Just because a cough is producing discoloured sputum (a sign that your immune system blood cells are at the site of the infection, and working) does NOT mean that antibiotics are necessary.


It's very tempting to treat every cough, cold, earache and sinus congestion with antibiotics, especially at this time of the year, but the evidence is that they have little beneficial effects on these respiratory tract infections,

and their use in such viral infections, (when the antibiotics still kill off the 'good' bacteria in you), can lead to many side effects such as diarrhoea, thrush and allergic reactions.

Resistance is becoming a major problem as a result of antibiotic overuse, not only in hospitals, but even in our own practice where we are now regularly faced with reports from the labs to say that a patient has got an infection

for which we have NO PRESCRIBABLE ANTIBIOTIC. At present these are usually urinary tract infections.

We are doing our best to keep antibiotic prescribing to a minimum. We are one of the lowest prescribers of antibiotics in the county, and are THE lowest user of 'Broad Spectrum Antibiotics' in North Derbyshire.

(See the NHS table recently reported to us, other practices have been anonymised). This is the group of antibiotics most associated with the development of resistant 'Superbugs' such as C.Diff and MRSA. Only 4% of our antibiotics are of this type, and usually when absolutely necessary.

We're doing well, but please help us, by not expecting an antibiotic for your cold or earache.


If you are eligible for an NHS Flu Jab this year then PLEASE attend one of our flu sessions.

We have purchased enough vaccine for you all, but run the risk of having quite a lot of vaccine left over, as, in their wisdom the Government now allow Supermarkets and Pharmacies to offer Flu jabs free to those in the target groups.

The result of this is that we stand to lose quite a lot of money, and the added value you and we get by making our Flu Sessions 'Checkup' sessions is also lost.

Due to the unfair restrictions of the NHS GP Contract we CAN'T offer a private flu jab to our registered patients, ( Those who are not in the risk groups), only those registered elsewhere !

1/09/16 - Flu Jab Campaign 2016

Flu sessions this year are:

Wednesday 28th September - 8.30am - 6.00pm

Wednesday 5th October - 8.30am - 6.00pm

Wednesday 12th October - 8.30am - 6.00pm

26/5/16 - Well Done Ladies !

Today, Sister Sue Hewitt and our Senior Recptionist Lynn Hibberd were awarded the 2016 PRIDE Award

by North Derbyshire CCG for Compassionate Caring and Professional Sercice.

A particularly frail and elderly patient of ours, "Mrs B" who lives alone, was taken ill just before Christmas and we couldn't manage to look after her at home.

She didn't need a hospital bed, but was in need of personal and social care and warmth - the heating in her house had broken down and she was in a sorry state.

We arranged placement at a Care Home for Christmas for her, but this not being an NHS institution the Ambulance Service refused to take her there.

After a few choice words in the ear of the Ambulance Manager by our Practice Manager, he felt... "obliged" to help, and promised an ambulance would eventually arrive.

To make sure that our patient was not alone and to ensure that the transfer took place, our ladies put their own arrangements on hold and took turns to keep a bedside vigil at the ladies house late on Christmas Eve.

The ambulance eventually arrived and "Mrs B" was taken to a very caring home, had a hot bath, a haircut, warm fresh clothes and had her nails done, and had a lovely Christmas being very well looked after.

Sue and Lynn are seen here receiving their award from Dr Ben Milton, Chair of the CCG

1/4/16 - Phew, another year of targets over.. !

Yesterday was the end of the 2015-16 Targets Year

These are targets set by the Government which require us to review the management of, or perform specific checks on patients with certain diagnoses.

These targets are called the Quality and Outcomes Framework, or "QOF"

For example, all of our diabetics should have had blood tests to monitor the condition, as well as blood pressure checks, retinal photographs etc..

We have a high number of patients who we need to check - we're in the top 10% of practices nationally but we have a very good level of achievement.

The prevalence for Stubley can be viewed here:

 Click Here for : QOF Report:  Stubley 2015

1/1/16 - Happy New Year !

A Happy and Healthy 2016 to all our patients.

The Care Quality Commission Report following our inspection in October has now been published and is available to view here:

 Click Here for : CQC Report:  Stubley 2015

The five inspectors arrived at 8.20am and left at 6.35pm and had full access to all areas of the building; all members of staff, the computer system and the patients attending on the day.

Although some of their priorities were surprising we are generally happy with their findings.

1/10/15 - CQC Inspection

On Wednesday 14th October the practice will be inspected by a team from the Care Quality Commission

The inspectors will be available in the morning in the waiting room if you would like to share any views about the practice,

and confidential feedback questionnaires are available in the waiting room from now until the 14th if preferred.

28/09/15 - Appointments for those working

To help those who are employed to get better access to appointments we have made

a number of appointments available for on-line booking, before 9am on a Thursday

and after 5pm on Monday, Tuesday and Friday each week.

You need to attend the surgery for your on-line password to be able to use this service.

14/09/15 - Flu Jab Campaign 2015

Flu sessions this year are:

Wednesday 30th September - all day

Wednesday 7th October - all day

Wednesday 14th October - 9am - 12 noon

05/02/15 - Internet Booking Now Available

We are now offering a small number of bookable-online appointments with all the clinical practitioners on a trial basis.

Please use the 'Online Appointments' link on the left side of the page.

17/01/15 - Internet Booking

As well as being able to order repeat prescriptions on line we will also be piloting an on-line appointment system.

We're hoping that the ability to book some routine appointments on line to see the Nurses for reviews and Lab Tests, as well as some routine advance Dr appointments might reduce the number of phone calls and perhaps reduce the rate of DNA's (Did Not Attend), which unfortunately, is on the rise. Last Week, during one of the doctors surgeries, 1 in 4 patients DNA'd.

An additional tab will appear on the left side of the screen when the link to our clinical system has been made, and it should be up and running by early Feb.

15/10/14 - Numbers

Thanks to all our patients for a fantastic response to our flu campaign this year.

During the 3 sessions that were held on the 1st, 8th and the 15th of October, (the last being just a half day session), we jabbed over 1200 of you !

We used the opportunity to do as many other checks as we could, such as blood pressure, blood tests and urine analyses for those patients who were due these as part of their annual condition checks - thanks for bearing with us if this led to any delay but it will help us achieve our targets.

Demand management is a major task for us as a practice these days and this led to the triage and phone consultation system, which are helping us to just about manage at the present time.

The winter will bring additional demands once again, and we will be providing a regular additional surgery (if we can find a locum Dr to help) well as extra nurse appointments and early home visiting to try and cope.

Most of our patients are very good at managing routine illness and we'll put links to some good resources on this page soon, which might help to keep our phones a little quieter.

On average, the number of patient appointments nationally has gone up double in the past 10 years.

I remember, when I joined the practice in 1993, when our senior receptionist, Hazel, used to write out all the repeat prescriptions by hand, and we'd sign (about 20-30) them at the end of the day.

We now issue well over 500 prescription items every working day! Every drug needs to be cross checked for interactions and patients on most medications will need regular reviews - it's no wonder we're busy..

Here's some more figures...

Dr Davidson

1/09/14 - Flu Jab Campaign 2014

We invite all of our patients who have an annual jab to come to the surgery on specific dates this year with no appointment needed.

Once again, this year we will not be sending out a letter.

The dates are Wednesdays the 1st, 8th and 15th October.

15/01/14 - Targets Time !

By the end of March the practice will have to review a large number of patients in order to achieve 'Quality' targets set by the Government.

We have quite a number of patients on blood pressure medicines who are still due for their BP check and we will be contacting many of you shortly.

If you haven't had your BP checked with us recently but have had it checked elsewhere, or you have a home (upper arm) BP monitor, then we'd be happy to receive results from you and advise accordingly if this is more convenient

You can deliver results to the surgery or email the address to the right on this page which is now secure for sending clinical information.

For those who might wish to check their own BP and let us have the readings.. (We feel that a number of readings from outside the surgery are probably a better indicator of your blood pressure as compared to a single reading at the Surgery) ..Peak Pharmacy here at Stubley are currently selling an upper arm OMRON blood pressure monitor for just £15.00 which would be a great way to start:

Send us readings from a week or so of monitoring and we will contact you if we're not happy with the numbers.

14/01/14 - Updated Advice for Indigestion Medicines

Further to our message to patients via text about the recent indigestion medication advice, (only patients affected should have received the text), we received a number of queries and here is updated advice.


One of the most prescribed groups of medication for the practice is a class of drug called : "Proton Pump Inhibitors"

These include Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Rabeprazole and Pantoprazole.

They relieve indigestion very effectively by stopping the production of stomach acid.

However, recent research has linked the use of these drugs with a slightly increased incidence of bowel infection, including germs such as C. Difficile which can be difficult to treat.

We are advising all those who take these drugs to try if possible and if they are comfortable in doing so, to reduce their use to 'as required' rather than every day.

No specific regime for reduction is required - you could try taking them alternate days in the first instance and see how you get on.

A little acid seems to be better than none at all.

We don't think this should apply to those over 85 or to the few children we have on these medicines. Neither to those with a previous gastric bleed or burst ulcer, or those who have to take them to counteract the side effects of other medications they need to take such as anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, including aspirin).

There will also be a number of patients who have been specifically advised to take the medications on a regular basis by the Dr, or a speicialist and some may still be under hospital review for the condition they take these tablets for - this initiative doesn't apply to you.

If in doubt please stay on your current regimeand discuss when you next see the Dr or when your annual medicines review comes up. Please don't make an appointment to discuss it - we have 723 patients with a repeat prescription facility for these drugs!

Be aware that suddenly stopping regular use can lead to a rebound acid effect - reduce use gradually.


8/12/13 - Christmas and New Year 2013

This year we have been routinely issuing a 'spare' additional prescription for items requested that might run out over the festive period.

Nevertheless, we will still receive a lot of last minute urgent requests for overlooked medication - please try to ensure you have sufficient supply.

The Surgery will be closed from 4.30pm on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

We're open on Friday 27th December; Monday 30th, New Years Eve, Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd for 'Need to be seen' conditions

Appointments on these dates will be bookable on the day, after 'Dr First' Triage, by phoning in the morning.


22/10/13 - New Advice for Indigestion Medicines

One of the most prescribed groups of medication for the practice is a class of drug called : "Proton Pump Inhibitors"

Thes include Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Rabeprazole and Pantoprazole.

They relieve indigestion very effectively by stopping the production of stomach acid.

However, recent research has linked the use of these drugs with an increased incidence of bowel infection, including germs such as C. Difficile which can be difficult to treat.

We are advising all those who take these drugs to try to reduce their use to 'as required' rather than every day.

Some acid seems to be better than none.

We don't think this should apply to those over 85; those with a previous gastric bleed or those who have to take them to counteract the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

If in doubt contact please reception.

Be aware that suddenly stopping regular use can lead to a rebound acid effect - reduce use gradually.


1/09/13 - Flu Jab Campaign 2013

We invite all of our patients who have an annual jab to come to the surgery on specific dates this year with no appointment needed.

This year we will not be sending out a letter.

The dates are Wednesdays the 9th and 16th October 8.30am - 6pm and Saturday 12th October 9am-11.30am.

14/07/13 - Welcome to Dr Lorraine Wooster

Dr Wooster has joined the practice as a permanent addition to our Medical Team. She joined us on the 1st of June and is settling in very well.

Welcome also to a new Health Care Assistant, Lynne Ledger. Lynne has worked with the practice and our patients for many years with the District Nursing Team, and will be well known to many of you who have needed care at home after hospital treatment. She has now joined our own in-house Team and is working alongside Pam Fieldhouse to help perform many of the necessary tests and measurements we need to do these days, as well as wound care.

05/07/13 - 'Doctor First' Triaging

A trial of 'Dr First' triaging is proving generally to be popular amongst patients.

Whilst we encourage patients to use their diaries and book ahead for review by a specific Dr, patients who feel they need help or advice the same day or next will first be called back by one of the Drs. (Often advice, a prescription, or arrangements with the nurse first are equally or more effective). Same day appointments are held open for just this use and generally we're finding it easier to deal with the ever increasing demand. We offer more consultation appointments than ever before.

01/07/13 - Cost effective medication changes

Along with all practices in North Derbyshire, we are supporting a number of changes to patients repeat prescriptions, where this saves NHS resources, without reducing patient care.

In such cases, we write to all patients involved with the reasoning behind the changes, which can be as simple as a switch from a tablet to a capsule version of the same drug.