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Latest News

1st March 2018

Car Park and Pharmacy Open

11.45 am

Many many thanks to Gary Fletcher Surfacing for clearing our car park this morning ahead of the scheduled clearance.

Stubley Drive remains difficult without a 4×4, but the Centre and Pharmacy are open.


1st March 2018

S’no trouble – but Pharmacy closed

Welcome to March – is it Spring yet?

The Medical Centre is┬árunning a full service today – all staff are here although home visiting options are a little more limited.

However, staff at the Pharmacy have so far not been able to get in (9am) , with no prospect likely this morning we are told.

If you were planning on visiting them or collecting a prescription please call first.

If you’re attending the surgery it’s probably best to avoid the car park – although it was cleared last night it’s covered over again this morning and without a 4×4 you will struggle.

Phone consultations where appropriate may be order of the day.