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21st November 2020

Flu Jabs for age 50-64

You may have heard in the media yesterday, that those age 50-64 will be able to receive a flu vaccine from 1/12/20. General practices are learning this information at the same time as you. We are doing all we can to prepare and source vaccines, and we will be in contact with patients as soon as we are able. In the meantime please do not contact us about flu vaccines if you are in this group until you are asked to do so.
It is disappointing the the Dept of Health (DHSC) now appear to use the media as their main method of communicating such important information with general practice. The only other update we have received is that they will be updating the guidance on accessing their Vaccine stocks but there is no indication yet, when that update might be shared with us!

12th May 2020


The Practice is becoming busier again, with the main challenge being to attend to our patients conditions remotely wherever possible and safely where we do need you to attend the surgery.

We see patients for current (‘acute’) conditions, for which you should contact us in the normal way, and for the preventative management of long standing/ongoing  (‘chronic’) conditions – to minimise their effect now and in the future.

 (Heart/Lung disease, diabetes, blood pressure , kidney failure etc for example)

Our threshold for the routine review of these chronic conditions has gone up – many of our patients with stable long term conditions may be excused some blood tests or physical checks if that condition has been shown to be under good control over the past few years.   

We are remotely scrutinising records to identify those who do need to be seen and those who can safely be deferred.    The way in which we practice has changed, and will change further.

Those patients who are shielding can be seen at the surgery but we will try to see you in a way that avoids you having to wait in the waiting room – we will discuss this with you at the time of booking your appointment.

We are STILL doing vaccinations and screening tests, such as cervical smears.

If you have symptoms that may be due to Coronavirus you should still call 111 for their triage and advice.