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11th August 2021

GP Training Practice

From August 2021 Stubley Medical Centre will be involved in training GP registrars from the Chesterfield training scheme. We have just been joined by Dr Hannah Newton, who will be working at the practice for the next four months until December. Dr Newton is a fully qualified doctor and is able to prescribe. She will be fully supervised by our established GPs. We hope our patients will make her feel welcome!

18th June 2021

Computer says ‘No’

Unfortunately, we have no access to the NHS computer system today. This is affecting a number of other practices across North Derbyshire. This compromises our ability to do, well… just about everything!

We can’t access patient records or issue prescriptions; order or review lab tests, check hospital correspondence. We are having to run an emergency only service. If you have a request of us that can wait until after the weekend please don’t call today.

We also have a very busy Covid Vaccine day today. Luckily, the vaccine software isn’t running on the same system and so we have been able to improvise and use work laptops using mobile phone network system data to check that we’re giving the right jab to the right person.. so if you do have an appointment today for this you can come down!

10th May 2021

Back to Business as Usual, with changes

Throughout the pandemic, we have never stopped seeing patients who need to be examined but we have done what we can to minimise footfall through the practice, with a greater emphasis on remote working and electronic communications.

Now that all of our at-risk patients are protected with both doses of the highly effective vaccines and the incidence of Covid-19 infection is as low as it has ever been we are back open for “business as usual”.  Our Face-to-Face GP surgeries have been fully booked for several weeks.

We will continue to use the ‘triage’ system of assessment for all GP appointments as we have done for 5 or 6 years and only offer appointments when we know it is appropriate. We will continue to offer telephone and electronic responses for non-examination and administrative consultations.

Since February-March we have been as busy as ever, with enormous demand on GP time and we would ask you to consider this before you contact us.

Many of the requests are for ailments that can be managed by reference to the NHS Conditions website  or by asking the Community Pharmacist.

Musculo-skeletal conditions are not our speciality and are usually best managed by rest and with Self-referral Physio assessment when they don’t settle.

For medication queries we now have the support of our Senior Pharmacist: Guillermo Sierra who is also performing comprehensive medication reviews on those patients with complex medication needs, as well as performing asthma reviews and assessment of those who self monitor their blood pressures .  If you are being treated for high blood pressure we would recommend you having a home BP monitor to avail yourself of this.

4th February 2021

Press Release

As a result of media reports today a press release can be viewed here

31st January 2021

A visit from Lee Rowley, our local MP

On Saturday, Julie Chaplin our PM welcomed our MP who was then given a tour of SMC by our chief MD ! see here

31st January 2021

12,000 doses delivered – have your vaccine HERE

We’re proud to have received around 18,000 doses of vaccine during the campaign so far – the second busiest site in Derbyshire after Derby Arena. Some of those doses have been shared with our sister site at the Winding Wheel, which is now up and running at full strength and will become the most active site for North Derbyshire Vaccines. Over 12,000 doses however have been administered on-site and from our site to the housebound patients and care home residents of Dronfield and Chesterfield. We are efficient and waiting times are usually just a few minutes for those attending. We hope to continue to receive supply and would ask those patients of Dronfield & Chesterfield practices to await our call and then come to us to be vaccinated rather than attend one of the mass vaccination centres. The network of practices of which we are a part receives a fee for each vaccination we give. This offsets the cost of staffing and running the GP vaccine centres. To date we have vaccinated the most needy and least mobile of our patients, a group without email and SMS messaging that requires more time and effort and care to help. We would like the opportunity to offer the same service to our younger groups too rather than seeing those patients sent elsewhere.

18th January 2021

Website problems..

Well done to those of you who have successfully booked a vaccine appointment in response to our invitation text today – it really helps us avoid many hours on the phone. A lot of you have struggled however, and we understand that not everyone is comfortable and able to use on-line facilities. The link we sent requires you to have a Smartphone, (or be able to forward the link to someone with a smartphone who can do it for you).

You need to create a User Account on the Swiftqueue site and then you can book (the website will not know who you are without you telling it). Please note, you CANNOT use your login for prescriptions. Please don’t call the surgery as we cannot talk everyone through the process we are already busy, and if you don’t manage it we will be able to see who has not been able to book and get back to them in coming days.

15th January 2021


If you’ve had a Swiftqueue link forwarded to you by a well-meaning friend, (possibly a healthcare worker), who has told you to use it to book in to get your vaccine ahead of others, (and you are NOT a frontline health or social care worker), then you should do two things:


If you have already booked an appointment but are not in the current high risk group please cancel it so it can be used. The link sent to you may well work – we do send them out to high risk groups who are due their vaccine but they can get passed on by those with poor standards or no conscience. Links will expire after a very short time so don’t save them.

Due to the bad weather yesterday we sent out a link to a close group of frontline workers last night for some free slots in the clinic today. Someone leaked it and we have had over 20 non-frontline workers, some who have driven for hours to get here, who have all been stopped at the door and turned away. We feel sorry for them. They were generally apologetic, and very upset with those who had sent the link to them.

The result however, is that 20 high risk people who could have been vaccinated have not been, and our programme (affecting EVERYONE further down the list) has been delayed.


15th January 2021

Covid Vaccine Appointments

Whilst we are hosting the vaccination roll-out locally, as a practice we are not the organisation responsible for the clinic appointments and are unable to help with phone enquiries for these. Please don’t call the practice about these, we are very busy with our usual winter caseload and need patients to be able to get through. We are still hoping for a call centre facility but this will only be for queries about existing appointments. The vaccine organising team collaborate with all the Dronfield and Chesterfield practices and do know who is next on the list to call.

We are busy offering vaccinations to Healthcare workers and the remaining over 80’s of adjacent practices in the Chesterfield area and hope very soon to offer appts to our over 75’s. We have your details and will contact you.

Should you receive a letter inviting you to attend a Mass Vaccination Centre we would suggest you await our invitation, as with the main Central Chesterfield vaccination site (at The Winding Wheel Theatre) open now, we expect to be able to push on through the priority groups with some speed, and deliver your vaccine to you here.

3rd December 2020

Learning Disability Service

For several years we have offered an Annual Health Check/Review to all of our patients over 14 who suffer from a Learning Disability. This includes conditions such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Downs Syndrome, amongst many others. We believe, with the knowledge we have of our patients, that everyone with a disability of this nature is identified on our database but we need to make sure we are not overlooking anyone. To this end we will soon be messaging everyone with a registered mobile number to request details of anyone within the household who may be eligible for such a review.