Order Prescriptions Online

If you have your login details, you may use the link at the bottom of this page to order a repeat prescription.


You can request repeat prescriptions that are on facility for you.

Please phone the Surgery number and select the repeat prescription option.

We are supposed to issue 1 months supply per prescription, except in a few special cases.

You can collect your prescriptions from reception, or nominate someone to collect them for you.

You can also elect to have prescriptions sent to any of the Dronfield Pharmacies, who collect from us every day – please allow two working days for them to be ready.


When you receive your prescription, the counterfoil half of the prescription contains important details of what medicines you have on facility, how many repeats are remaining before re-authorisation and also often other message details of note at the time.

It’s essential that:

  • You tell us if a medication is no longer needed but is still on repeat facility as we would not wish to issue in error
  • That you only request those items you need.

Order Online

Before you can order your repeat prescription online, you must first request a username and password number from reception.

If you have your login details, you may use the following link to order to repeat prescription.

Order Online